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Association Quarterly e-Newsletter

virtual-assistance-melbourne-e-newsletterThe Saline Baptist  e-Newsletter is a way for you to find out what is going on throughout the association. If you would like to be registered to receive this every other week, please fill out and submit the form below:

Pulpit Supply

The association keeps records of qualified men who are able and willing to fill the pulpit on Sunday mornings in the even that a pastor needs to be away. Feel free to contact the office for referrals.

Evangelistic Party Trailer

The association has a trailer that has been put together for churches to use as an outreach tool. It is filled with equipment to assist you in a block-party, a church picnic, or other function that the churches wishing to use the trailer can benefit from. We do ask for those desiring to use the trailer to pay a fee of $150 for three days of use in order to restock and to cover the cost of repairs and new equipment.

If you would like more information on using the trailer, please contact the office.